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Vionic Tide Men's Orthotic Sandals

The Vionic Tide men's orthotic Sandals are must-have for any fan of swimming, with their sturdy build and queue, the Vionic Tide is an insurance policy for any swimmer. Also great for anyone who wants to mix it up with their favorite swim team.

Cheap Vionic Tide Men's Orthotic Sandals

The Vionic Tide is a new style of men's orthotic Sandals from vionic, these shoes are designed with a low profile in mind, in addition to an enamel-coated black design. They're perfect for those with delicate feet - or anyone who wants to stay comfortable and look great doing it, the shoes have a soft, comfortable feel in the feet and are set off by the taupe color. The shoes are made to last and are made to walk all day long with a good step, the Vionic Tide is a comfortable and stylish pair of orthotic Sandals that perfect for those who love to tennis. The 12 inch size range provides plenty of support to provide a comfortable and healthy foot, other features of the shoe include a detectableee-ermanent wear rating and a pro-friendly design. These shoes are made with a soft, durable materials that will keep your warm and comfortable, the material provides great grip and easy walking, while the stainless steel shoes provide a touch of luxury with their matte black finish.